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We are so excited to be entering the world of children's book publishing and although we may only have a short story at the moment we can't wait to add more pages to our book in the future (we hope it will include mermaids, dragons and lots of story magic!)

Here's the story so far...

Logo Design

The lovely and fantastic Emma from Design by Pie created our Dudley Doodle Books logo. She is so talented and sent us some concept logos and we instantly  fell in love...

We really feel that the bright colours in the logo represent the brightness and fun that we want to bring to children's books and we think its a  great representation  of our very special  friend 'Dudley'!

You can visit her website here:

Building our network

As an independent company ourselves, we are passionate about using small companies and individuals to help bring our books to print. Dudley Doodle Books is currently working to build a network of illustrators, graphic designers, editors, book designers and printers.

Have a look on our 'Books' page to find out who we worked with on our first picture book 'Betty Binoculars'.

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